The Political Party — READING CLUB

         Every weekend of Kunstenfestivaldesarts there will be a collective reading session in relation to The Political Party — LIBRARY. On the invitation of Michiel Vandevelde; dramaturg Kristof van Baarle, curators Laura Herman (La Loge) and Charlotte Van Buylaere (Netwerk Aalst), researcher Livia Andrea Piazza, and curator Aneta Rostkowska (Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne) each propose a short text to be read and reflected upon collectively. The proposed texts reflect on notions such as the future, political imagination, the politics of family constellations, climate change, and contemporary mythologies. The reading club expands the social and political function of the driving library. Two hours of delving intensively into ideas.

In & around The Political Party — LIBRARY
Free entrance

Théâtre National
Sat 5/5 — 16:00>18:00
The introduction from Futureability by Franco 'Bifo' Berardi
Moderated by Kristof van Baarle & Michiel Vandevelde

Sun 13/5 — 16:00 > 18:00
Deproduction by Terre Thaemlitz
Moderated by Laura Herman & Charlotte Van Buylaere

Sun 20/5 — 16:00>18:00
Fragments from The ends of the world by Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros De Castro
Moderated by Livia Andrea Piazza & Michiel Vandevelde

Sat 26/5 — 16:00 > 18:00
Fragments from the science-fiction ebook The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj
Moderated by Aneta Rostkowska & Michiel Vandevelde