The Political Party — Alternative election show


         On the eve of the European and Federal elections, The Political Party is collaborating with Kaaitheater to organize an alternative election show. This 'show' aims to give space to the progressive, heterogeneous voices of those who are (not yet) heard. It is a platform for thinkers, writers, artists, and civilians who mostly operate in the margins of mainstream debate.

Come and campaign with us on this intense evening packed with debates, lectures and performances. Don't just analyse content, but also the way in which that content is communicated or performed in the public sphere. We will focus on shared questions, concerns, and subjects that will come to the fore in mainstream debates, but from a different and unexpected perspective.


— 30 April 2019, 20h30, Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE)

2019 /          Initiated by The Political Party In collaboration with Kaaitheater