The Political Party –
A kid’s Parliament
A performative installation

         Upheavel in the parliament! Small critters, human and non-human have entered. They leave their traces, -slime, mud, bacterias of all kinds, lice -, onto ruins of a former parliament. We are in the future now. Onto the ruins of a failed democracy, these small creatures are rebuilding and imagening what tools to use for organizing the environment. That is to say: not only society needs to be taken in account, but the whole environment of which society is only one element.

         In a strange opening session of the new parliament, where recordings, smells, objects and all kind of creatures come together, the cities inhabitants are invited to experience, interrogate and construct.


— OPENING: 29 May 2020, Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)

— 30 May 2020, Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)

— 31 May 2020, Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)

2020 /          Concept and direction: Michiel Vandevelde Assistant: Elen Braga Performers and participants: 11 kids Production: Kampnagel (Hamburg, DE)