Protest 1980

         In May 1980, Zürich was a place of upheaval. In an attempt to claim space the youth took over the streets. The city’s council ignorance of the youth's demands and desires sparked off massive demonstrations. The long pent-up anger of the youth resulted in what is now known as the 'Opernhauskrawalle' or 'Züri brännt', - Zürich is burning.

         Starting from this locally important, historical event, choreographer and director Michiel Vandevelde reconstructs the protest with an intergenerational cast. In a contemporary costume drama the energy of this past revolutionary moment is evoked in order to awaken the coming revolution. Today the needs are different, the horizon more global and abstract. How to act in a complex, interlinked world? Old activists together with the Neumarkt ensemble and young activists reflect and act against the current state of immobility in (western) politics. Between hope and despair, the performance's attempt is to go beyond the liberal individuals we all are, and to turn the theatre in a collective laboratory for political imagination.


- PREMIERE: 16 May 2020, Theater Neumarkt, Zürich (CH)
(Other dates tbc.)

2020 /          Choreography / directing: Michiel Vandevelde Performed by: Neumarkt ensemble and activists Dramaturgy: Nikolai Prawdzic Production: Theater Neumarkt (Zürich, CH)