Creation 2010 (musicpiece)


         -50-40 kya — The Upper Paleolithic Revolution; 10 000 BC — The Neolithic Revolution; 16th century — The Price Revolution; 16th century — The Scientific Revolution; 16th to 18th century — The Commercial Revolution; 18th century — The British Agricultural Revolution; 18th century — The Scottish Agricultural Revolution; 18th to 19th century — The Industrial Revolution; 1871 to 1914 — The Second Industrial Revolution; 1945 to … - The Green Revolution; 1960s — The Quiet Revolution; 1960 to 1973 — The Sexual revolution and counterculture; 1966 to 1976 — The Cultural Revolution; 1950 — The Digital Revolution

A new revolution announces itself.
What is it this time? We don’t know.
But you can't miss this!

A touching and confronting performance with dance, music and maybe text!

2010 /          By and with: Michiel Vandevelde Thanks to: Clara Hermans, Sebastian Dingens and Julien Josse Production: Het Entrepot vzw Pictures: Kristien Verhoeyen

Extra documents: Brief voor het publiek and tekst voorstelling (both in Dutch)