Paradise now (1968-2018)


         Paradise now (1968-2018) is a performance with 14 youngsters. The legendary performance 'Paradise now' from The Living Theatre serves as a starting point. Michiel Vandevelde looks with a new generation of youngsters to how the world has evolved during these 50 years between 1968 and 2018. What has remained from the questions, desires and values of may ’68? How did their ideas develop, or not, during the past years? How do the performers look at this history and how would they see their future?


- 8, 9 & 10 May 2018, 20h30, STUK, Leuven
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2018 /          Choreography: Michiel Vandevelde Performers: Zulaa Antheunis, Sarah Bekambo, Jarko Bosmans, Bavo Buys, Wara Chavarria, Judith Engelen, Abigail Gypens, Anouk Lacroix, Lore Mertens, Anton Rys, Margot Timmermans, Bo Van Meervenne, Esra Verboven, Aron Wouters Choreographic assistant: Zoë Dumoustier Feedback: Dries Douibi Production: fABULEUS