Tower/ a performance
for commuters


         The first train was set in motion in 1839. Farmers thought that the milk would turn sour. Drivers that their horses would rear up. Doctors predicted brain diseases and sailors feared for their jobs.
Tower/ a performance for commuters was a one-month installation performance in a field next to the train tracks running between Leuven and Brussels. The tower, built from iron, tried to communicate with the commuters in the trains speeding by. Every day the tower wanted to get one level higher. It reached 19 meters.

2007 /          With: Jozef Wouters, Menno en Michiel Vandevelde Supported by: Jint, Vlaams-Brabant, Heli, fABULEUS Thanks to: Barbara Serulus, Bart Capelle, Bart Vandeneynde, Clara Hermans, Gemeente Herent, Toon Vandevelde, Sofie Palmers en Veerle en Betty Van Schoelant Photos: Clara Hermans