What (exactly) are you counting on / Residency 2017

Invited to make a work in the old medina of Tunis
I chose to install my atelier in a 18th century palace
Next to a carpenter, a shoemaker and a tile painter
And conduct a research for a future project that will happen in 2019

Working with recently graduated architecture students, the work evolved to become a research on the nostalgia of future thinking

When the only imaginable future is the past

Then where are we now?

The work-in-progress was presented in the form of a lecture-performance.


a research by: Jozef Wouters
in collaboration with: Hassene Jeljeli, Nour Lemkecher, Zied Gharbi, Han Ruiz Buhrs, Mohammed Ben Ahmed, Anouar Hajjar, Maroua Zitouni, Marwan, Balti Kml, Khadija Jaziri and Aisha Zaied

made within the frame of Dream City 2017
production: L’Art Rue

special thanks to: Damaged Goods, Vladimir Miller, Thomas Bellinck, Souffiane Oussi, les frères Tan Fuz, Selma Oussi and Jan Goossens

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