Stadium Petroleum Zuid

This picture is photo shopped.
The grass is fake. The photographer added it because it was gone after the opening game.

Asked by the art and youth organization Scheld’apen to build something with a group of youngsters, we decided to build a football stadium because we had found out that, exactly on the building site,
the city of Antwerp was planning to build a gigantic state of the art stadium,
forcing Scheld’apen to move their organization. Kick starting the future by building a proto-stadium made sense because most of the guys working with us,
rather than becoming a woodworker like expected, dreamt of being a football star.

Already during the opening game the grass didn’t seem to hold. And the little bird nest/view tower for the referee turned out not to be functional,
as the players didn’t seemed to care about the authority up there. From the second game on, the referee was down on the pitch, like he always is.

The difference between an empty stadium and the one filled with people strikes me every time again.


together with: Simon Allemeersch, Itso, Yassin, Mohammed, Waldet, Fawat, Osmane, Nima, Marco, Firous, Behzat, Pal, Abdelrahim, Marshud, Ouael, Ali, Georges, Irwin De Poortere, Stijn Meurens en Ken

production: Scheld’apen vzw and OKAN Marco Polo

pictures: Clara Hermans, Mark Rietveld and Sofie Palmers

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