Stadium/stadion #5

deSingel in Antwerp is big art complex, housing 4 art schools, 5 performance spaces, 3 bars and many, many offices. It is a building in which you can drink 6 different coffee’s with 6 different prices and 6 different tastes. Like in a cruise ship.
To this ship, we were asked to add something. We chose to make a sculpture in the central courtyard, using lights and walls made out of fragile chalkstone to defining the edges of a space. You could say we chose to define a center. (Wim Cuyvers says architecture is by definition a center seeking activity)

Eventually, the forms, the dimensions and the texture of this space where what we defined as: the work.
The activities that were performed inside it, legal or illegal, were not. Like a shelter doesn’t have to keep on reminding you about the rain.


made by: Dorus Daneels, Menno Vandevelde and Jozef Wouters

with the support of: Elsemieke Scholte and Karlien Meganck

production: de theatermaker and deSingel

sponsoring: Heli n.v.

pictures: Clara hermans, Hadewych Cocquyt and Thomas Hoeffgen

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