Spending the Night

During the second lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic,

while all clubs were closed and nightlife was forbidden,

we built a club inside Decoratelier in Brussels.


A nightlife concept and space at Decoratelier for collaborations that generate energy from dusk to dawn.

Built and designed by: Jozef Wouters in collaboration with Willem Rys, Vic Van den bossche, Jan Rymenants, Menno Vandevelde, Remco Wuyts
Built with recuperated material from: Rosas, Ecce, Kate McIntosch, Damaged Goods, Museum Van Busleyden, Beursschouwburg, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
Pictures by: Enzo Smits
Thanks to: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Claire Croizé, Michiel Soete

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