Projecting [Space[

We were invited to make a performance in an old factory building of a closed mining company in the west of Germany.

After a few months it became clear that what we had to do -by all means-

was to ignore the building that we would work in.

Forget the past.

Refuse the unintended rough scenography of the industrial ruin.

We found images of a nearby Amazon factory due to open in 2021

and we went ahead and made a performance for its future ruin.

The future will not be nostalgic.


A project by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Jeroen Peeters & Jozef Wouters

choreography: Meg Stuart
dramaturgy: Jeroen Peeters
scenography: Jozef Wouters
created with and performed by: Jorge De Hoyos, Mor Demer, Márcio Kerber Canabarro, Roberto Martínez, Renan Martins de Oliveira, Sonja Pregrad, Mariana Tengner Barros, Sigal Zouk
soundscapes and installations: Vincent Malstaf
double bass and live electronics: Klaus Janek
costume design and props: Sofie Durnez
light design: Sandra Blatterer

technical direction: Oliver Houttekiet
technical realization: Emmanuel Desmyter (light), Richard König (sound design), Jitske Vandenbussche
production management: Eline Verzelen, Nara Virgens
decoratelier: Celine van der Poel, Menno Vandevelde

production: Damaged Goods (Brussels), Ruhrtriennale
coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)

In partnership with: PACT Zollverein (Essen), Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse)
With friendly support of RAG-Stiftung and RAG Montan Immobilien

Special thanks to: Nouri Almustafa Almashhour, Florencia Assaneo, Faseeh Baag, Justin Cabrillos, Lúcio Canabarro, Shannon Cooney, Goyi de Simon, Jared Gradinger, Gabriele Hammelmann, Abdusalam Jawish, Aida Moreno, Diego Olea, Giulia Paolucci, Tommaso Tosato


Ruhrtriennale team:
production management: Barbara Falter
technical direction: Andreas Dietmann
technical realization: Sina Zeuge, Carsten Funke, Stephan Schneppel
assistance costumes and props: Julia Rautenhaus
assistance costumes: Anja Decher

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