Night Shift Ostend


Night Shift is an endless swirl of interventions and experiments that stimulates crossovers and triggers the unexpected. For this edition Decoratelier created spaces in and around the youth-center OHK in Ostend, where the invited residents could research, share and show generously.

A project by: Gouvernement, Decoratelier, VIERNULVIER, De Studio, CAMPO, Toneelhuis, De Singel, OHK, KAAP, Theaterfestival, Perpodium & Theater Aan Zee

Night Shift team: Nele Keukelier, Vincent Focquet, Marie Umuhoza, Deborah Van Haute, Michiel Soete, Lies Vanborm
Scenography: Decoratelier
Supported by: The players of the National Lottery, the Flemish Government and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

Thanks to: Danspunt vzw, Nele Keukelier and Michiel Soete

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