A booklet,

produced during a two week self-invited residency at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima 2014

in collaboration with climate change negotiators from all over the world and local graphical designers.

the presentation of this booklet became a lecture/performance that toured various places and contexts in 2015



made in collaboration with: Nico Miranda, Maricel Delgado, Teresa Borasino, Renato Sanchez Sandoval, Lady Fache, Aldo Sanchez and others

thanks to: Ewout Stoefs, Jeroen Peeters, Sara Bearzatto, Michiel Vandevelde, Bart Van den Eynde, Pol Matthé, La junta

Adopted by and for sale at Mark Pezinger Verlag




Created together with Jeroen Peeters

thanks to: Marnix Rummens (Workspace Brussels), Michiel Vandevelde (Het Bos), Anne Breure (Veemhouse), Tristan Locus and Véronique Depiesse (Zinneke), Maarten Gielen and others.

made within the framework of Futuro Caliente

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