Learning How To Walk

When we talked we talked sideways and while I was stealing Benny’s cigarettes we decided nothing is wrong with a classical theatre all we need to do is build it again to find out what needs to be changed. With love XXX


Scenography for a piece by Benny Claessens in collaboration with Elsie De Brauw, Risto Kübar, Lara Barsacq, Lisi Estaras
painted by: Luc Goedertier and Marlene Elgueta
paintings by: Kasper David Friedrich
production: Stefan Jansen, Yasmin Holail
light: Dennis Diels
costumes: Teresa Vergho

pictures: Radovan Dranga

thanks to: Koen Tachelet, Johan Simons, NTGent
special thanks to: Luc D’Hooghe and Rose Werckx for their great renovation of the Minardschouwburg, Ghent

Brieven Benny Claessens en Jozef Wouters

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