The Soft Layer

This space is a continuation and restaging of 'The Soft Layer', a work started four years ago in the historic building of Dar Bairam Turki in Tunis as part of the Dream City Biennale.
In Palermo local sandstone – tufo – and the debris of demolished palazzo’s, polished by the Mediterranean Sea, was used to rebuild the original scenography of ‘The Soft Layer’ and mirror the building in Tunis, a few hundred kilometers across the sea.
As an essential part of the work, the texts created in Tunis were performed by Sicilian actors on the opening night of the program.

Designed and built by: Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde
Original design: Tunis in collaboration with Vladimir Miller
Production and construction Palermo: Jesse Gagliardi
Produced by: Decoratelier Brussels, Dream City Biennale and studio rizoma in coproduction with Theater Bremen in the framework of "Between Land and Sea".
Pictures by: Francesco Giardina

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