We designed FLOW as a fiction, a temporary phantasm, a dream made of water. This temporary outdoor swimming pool in Anderlecht was built by many hands: young people from the neighborhood who also contributed their voices during discussions about privatisation and access to public space. Serving both as an example and a provocation, FLOW aims to convince authorities to invest in permanent projects while already offering a real, albeit small, safe and inclusive place to cool down in summer.

FLOW is a project by POOL IS COOL in collaboration with Decoratelier, Art2Work, FIX, Ecoworks en Speculoos + Variable, with cultural programs by Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Zinnema and Cinema Galeries.
Designed by: Jozef Wouters in collaboration with Mathias Claes, Paul Steinbruck and Menno Vandevelde.
Built by: Decoratelier with Bilal Oulkadi, Memet Ramadanov, Adil Khajjou, Mélanie Musisi, Cissé Ibrahima, Elias Sahili, Houssame Oulad Hamdane, Zakaria Azaoum, Youssef Bouchouari, Nawfal Belarbi, Mehdi Yahyaoui, Ifrah Yussuf Magan, Abdelillah Zaid, Mohamed Yaroum, Mhamed Amaruch, Barry Mamadou Lamarana, Willem Rys, Yassine Azool, Maria Nzanga, Mohamed-Amine Badda, Nadir Hamidou, Ayoub Lefkir, Camille Thiry, Mohamed El Fassi, Ismail Chikri, Naufal Ahchouch, Youness Hoj Johini, Ayoub Saidi, Saber Zerrerki, Mbarek Bouallaga, Ben Mohamed Saïd, Rayan Dardiki, Issam Oulad Haj Amar, Ayoub El Yabouhi, Alhassan Bah, Michiel Soete, Rayan Dardour, Ismael Akhbouch, Younes Charkaoui, Théo Dellicour, Ezra Fieremans, Ali Badr Debra, Naomi Quashie, Bilel Tsabet, Astrid, Hamza Riahi, Imad Borji, Vic Van den Bossche, Ibrahim Ben Mokkadem, Safouane Lamquallakh, David Ademola Ogundana
Pictures: Paul Steinbrück, Annemie Augustijns, Matthias Claes, Bea Borgers

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