Center of attention

A series of performances organized in and around a miniature stadium-construction with a centre space of 9m2.

The two level construction was made to bring as much people as possible
as close as possible to the centre.

This centre was placed in the centre of Brussels (which like most cities, is a circular city).

I remember the work was always changing, changing, changing.

You could call it a series of essays. Essays on assembly.

Somewhere near the end of this project I bought 200 miniature figures and glued them on the scale model,
in order to see the image that had been in my head for months.

I like scale models.


made by: Michiel Soete, Menno Vandevelde and Jozef Wouters

coached by: Vladimir Miller

production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels

thanks to: Marc De Wit, Mathilde Maillard, Rina Govers

pictures: Menno Vandevelde, Michiel Soete en Dominique Vankan

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